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Common problem, simple solution. Change chat channels for a better "quality" of player. Public PUGS can be fun, and occasionally completed even at the elite level with all options.

Reposted from the Mirror Universe Forum:

Find a Better Game by Changing the Chat Channel

STO has a robust chat channel system available to all players. For the purposes of this example, I'll be talking about two channels - one public (anyone can join) and one private (you have to ask to be invited).

Public: PublicEliteSTF
Members: 3500+ (over 300 online at any time)
Purpose: For players looking to run Elite STFS with optionals.
Rules: (1.) Standard Invite Code Rules (see below) (2.) You should know what the Optionals are before you join. This is a chat channel for stf's only, and they actively discourage open conversations outside of stf's. It's partially moderated, meaning if you break the rules on invites, you can get kicked (rarely).
My Impression: Friendly, easy going group. You will miss optionals occasionally, as the players are often new. Missions are pre-planned with roles assigned.

Members: 1200+ (30+ on at any time)
Purpose: Elite Player Only. To become a member you must read the rules.
Rules: (1.) Standard Invite Code Rules (see below) (2.) You must know what the Optionals. THIS CHANNEL IS ACTIVELY MODERATED, AND HAS A HIGH KICK RATE.
My Impression: A great group dedicated to professional STF runs; they discuss the games tactics, define roles before the start of the mission, and generally will not tolerate inexpereinced players. This channel is NOT for first time players.

Standard Invite Code Rules

To assemble games, we use a short-hand series of statements to invite players. One player will Create Private to set up the game (password isn't necessary), and then post a statement in the appropriate chat channel.

Example: LF3M CSE, sharpe for invite
Response to join: sharpe

LF3M - looking for 3 more players, etc.
CGE - Cure Ground Elite
CGN - Cure Ground Normal (all mission are basically abbreviations of the mission name and type)
CSE - Cure Space Elite, etc...

Sometimes they will be more specific: LF2M, CSE, Escorts Only to call out a specific need. The player who created the game will right click on your name, and Invite to Challenge Match

After the players have been selected, the person who created will usually post a closing line like this: sharpe full, thx all (this is a nice way of letting people know its closed).

So far this seems like common sense, and not so much as rules exactly. Here are the general rules shared by both channels:
  • Read the channels posting guidelines. If you ignore this and make mistakes, you will be banned.
  • Post only missions using the above code examples
  • Don't set up a new mission while 1 or more are already being offered.
  • Don't SPAM your offer every 2 seconds. Wait at least 20 seconds between postings.
  • Join codes must NOT be 3-letters of the same type, e.g. XXX, 777, ***
  • Join codes must not be profanity or anti-moderator, e.g. THRAX SUCKS (note: Thrax is a moderator, and likely very grumpy)

Note: PublicEliteSTF has very rigid rules that are enforced. In addition to being one of the best places to pick up games with GOOD players, it also has it's own BANNED thread on the STO forum with a second series of rules on how to get unbanned. Be nice, read the rules, and be sure you know your Optionals before you ask to join!

Originally Posted by tasila View Post
Hi i dont like rainbow plaYers in stfs.

Plz try Torpedos Front/Aft.

Use 1 DMG Type Like Tetryon/Polaron/Plasma/Phaser/Disruptor
U also can mix them with Hybridweapons for ur Type.

Dont use Beam Weapons Enhance Tactical Consoles they just enhance ur Beam Weapons on a lower Arc.

Use Tactical Consoles of ur DMG Type.
Bsp Tetryon/Dual Phased Tetryon = Tetryon Pulse Generator MK **.
Try Torpdedo enhance Consoles like Quantum or Photon.

Especaly give 120% not just 50!

I had 4 of ur People today in an STF Elite.

This shouldnt be a flame threat.

Its just the bad experiences i made today witch makes me Cry-.-.

Yes, rainbow boats get a bad rep. One problem with that argument - sci ships don't do much in terms of concentrated dps - so weapon grouping and choice of type are irrelevant. Thier best use are as shields shredders, repair, rifts, subsystem attacks etc. My scitoon focuses just on shields as an example, and can strip a tac cube in under 20 seconds. The time it takes for the team to down it substantially drops. DPS aside, I'd rather have at least 1 sci toon healing and stripping shields for me.

Admiral Thrax (no, not the eliteSTF Thrax, the Other One)