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10-15-2012, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by partizan81 View Post
edit: additionally, if you're not using torps, you should be. All cannons are nice DPS but your power levels can be problematic, and torps + supporting doffs can yield good results.
Your preferences. But, all cannon builds is a viable build.

You said it yourself, it has nice DPS. From that, you can guess that the power consumption isn't an issue.

The only thing that is really going to get affected is your afts, as they fire after your fore. But, the higher DPS on the fore easily makes up for the afts, and then some.

If you're really that concerned about it, you can always divert more power to your weapons and increase your cap. Your damage modifier will still be at 125, but your power drain starts at whatever your cap is at.

For instance, if I switched my power level back to 100, I would have an actual weapon subsystem at 135. Drain starts from this point. If you hit a battery and get 150, all of your fore weapons would be firing at the maximum 125 damage multiplier.