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10-15-2012, 11:32 AM
The drops are hit and miss when it comes to elites. The 'hit' side of it can be fun though.

I've been grinding elites primarily to pay for ship upgrades, which at first glance seems silly (grinding to buy better weapons to grind better). What it does for me is allow me to try out new combos, test weapons etc. Even more fun when they drop a new ship into the mix (Z-store, lobi, boxes). At this point it's all about dilithium to buy fleet weapons.

The drops are secondary to the 1100 dilithium per elite. Anything else is gravy (for generic ec ~25-75 ec on average).

Bonus drops - like blue borg tech or purple stuff are awesome, and happen 33% of the time in my experience.

'Holy-CR@P' purple drops like rare borg tech are rarer and much appreciated, if anything for the value in dilithium. Occasionally - like 1 per 30 elite STF's I get something that has serious value on the open market [Acc]x2 or 3, or XII Nuetronium etc. I've gotten the big ticket stuff maybe 5x in the past 6 months from STF's - 15+ times from boxes opened. Yeah, I like opening boxes.

Occasionally we will have a day where it seems to rain borg tech (one game in particular CSE where 3 of us got Engine tech at the same time).

Bottom line - STF's IMO are about dilithium. The drops are GRAVY.