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10-15-2012, 12:28 PM
I have 2 toons eng kdf, 1 in marauder and the other in Karfi.

-Karfi have 10 more power
-karfi have 1 more hangar
-karfi have more rank tact officer
-karfi have awasome cloak device (yes... only 10 sec)
-karfi can load dual heavy cannons
-karfi have .2 more shield
-karfi have 1 tact cons add
-karfi have 2 tact bridge off

-Orion marauder have 1 weapon slot add
-Orion have more hull
-Orion have 1 eng cons add
-Orion have 2 eng bridge off

Well now... you need think which type you play if you are a support Orion Marauder... but if you play attack in some cases support choose Karfi.

Well friend you choose