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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
Menial tasks? Forget can solo cubes in Infected and KA elites. Even more so if you stay below or above the cube, so it can't fire it's heavy torpedo.

In Cure, the probes get taken out pretty quickly too.
Oh absolutely.

I just mean it to say that anything the 3 DHC + 1 Torp Config can do against fodder enemies like BoPs and probes with it's better spike a 4x DHC build can do as well.

On top of that, the all cannon builds come out with overall significantly higher DPS.

This is what my combat logs have shown me, including comparisons to my own ships, the ships of friends and the ships of PUGs.

4x DHCs consistently outperformed 3 DHCs + 1 Torp.

Originally Posted by nuclearwessle View Post
My Bortasqu makes a great all-cannon build too... if only Cryptic could see fit to eliminate the clearly erroneous turn rate so the ship could function like other escorts.....
That's not really the same thing as being forced to

A) Use a substandard fore layout with a DBB or Torp.
B) Leave the slot empty.

If the Torp/DBB + 3DHC layouts performed equally as well as 4x DHCs that would be fine. They do not.

If there were other choices once you already have 2x TT that would be fine too. There are not.

Those sacrifices you talk about? I'm not trying to "win the internet" with this.

I fly a JHAS.

I had considered putting the Fleet Defiant on a secondary, and tertiary character but the layout is poor enough that I simply refuse to pay for it.

Quite simply, the Fleet Patrol Escort is the superior ship (able to run the old Patrol Escort or Adv Escort layouts) and 1 Tactical Console is not as large a damage improvement as people think.

There's the paradox, the Defiant gives up Ensign Sci or Ensign Eng survivability tools for what should be greater damage potential.

Instead, an Ensign Tactical actually lowers your overall DPS.

Originally Posted by partizan81 View Post
edit: additionally, if you're not using torps, you should be. All cannons are nice DPS but your power levels can be problematic, and torps + supporting doffs can yield good results.
If all cannons consistently come out significantly higher DPS than 3+1 Torp, then your concerns about power levels are effectively irrelevant.

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