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Originally Posted by staxed85 View Post
What do you suggest for selling the duty officers from the Mini-Packs, turning all of them into commons and selling, or just leaving them as is...guess what I'm asking is what is a good price where it's worth selling as is?

For example, I got a rare out of the few I just did. Looks like I could sell it for around 200K-220K EC. Should I do that, or would it be more beneficial to turn it into commons and sell those?
Personally? I've been exchanging them with the Personnel Officer.
1 Rare = 3 Uncommons
3 Uncommons = 9 Commons

You can do your own research on rarity (sorry, on break, so I can't check the exchange right now), but overall it seems that having volume to sell works pretty well. Some DOFF occupations (not looking at the rarity, skills, traits, etc, just the occupation itself) sell for very nice amounts of EC.

Now, honestly, some don't sell for much (~10k or less!), but some sell for 20k, 50k, 80k, 120k! You'd want get an average of 24-25k per DOFF (220k/9 commons) to make it worth your while.

Like anything involving the infamous Random Number Generator, there is an element of risk involved. Overall, I think the chances of you getting a reasonable amount of EC is decent, though. In a way, the DOFF packs are sort of like Mutual Funds - you're spreading out the risk by having lots of stuff rather than just one or two, and overall coming out ahead. The strong performers/sellers will (hopefully) counter the low performers/sellers...

For some additional reading on what I did over the weekend:

Of course, looking over the Purple? Who knows - it might be worth keeping depending on what it is - is it useful for your Space/Ground slots? Is it particularly useful for DOFFs you might want to do?
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