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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I want to be positive about this, as new content is welcome - but the zergfest, mind numbing maps of Nukara and Defera tell me I have nothing to look forward to.
On top of all of that, I'm worried about how much my characters are going to lose in the conversion from current STF EDCs/Salvage/Tech to the new system of marks.
If the previous marks conversion is anything to go by, I think I should be very concerned.
Yeah, I really wish they'd move away from these "do the same thing over and over again" maps to more missions. They don't need to be Featured Episode quality missions, with new tech and new maps and voice acting and all that. Just write some stuff, and let us play it!

I get that new gameplay needs to have some sort of replayability factor, but some game systems are better at that than others. The STO repetitive grind is why I left for several months. Build better game systems that aren't as grindy, and things will be better.

Look at EVE - its game systems have tons of replayability, and its steady increase in subscribers shows that. I'm not saying STO should be turned into EVE, or a PvP free-for-all, but it needs some better PvE systems than "run around, kill things, repeat".

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What the hell have you given tholians Eva suits for? That is totally redundant. The tholians crystalline suit is their eva suit, they don't need one like the one pictured in the blog.
By "crystalline suit," do you mean what they look like normally, on Nukara? Because that's not a suit. That's a nekkid Tholian.
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