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Originally Posted by jackdonner View Post
Question..How are you building a scratch built map? I've only seen the option to do that with a space map?
I'm no expert, mind you, but this is my understanding based on things I've read...

#1, it doesn't sound like it's easy to do.

You start with a relatively flat outdoor terrain (or a really large interior!). I can't suggest any off the top of my head, but someone else probably can.

You lay a foundation of blocks or platforms and set them at the same elevation to make it level.

The Foundry contains a number of walls, floors, etc that can be pieced together into a building.

You place all of your objects inside this structure, including spawn points.

What you wind up with is an outdoor map that appears to be an interior map.

It's entirely possible to nest structures inside other structures, and to have these structures appear or disappear based on triggers.
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