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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
There is a reason why consoles exist to boost all beam types, it's so that people can run proc-boats rather than maxing one energy types DPS and there is nothing wrong with that just remember if one of those procs on you you'll regret bashing them.

Cryptic are very fond of saying they're all for customisation and therefore they won't make any negative changes to this.
No, they aren't going to disallow "rainbows". And I use generic consoles myself occasionally, but understanding that they are less effective than the more specific consoles.

Plus there are diminishing returns on multi-procs. Procs aren't guaranteed, and the more weapon types you use, the less likely any one proc is to fire.

Personally, I think I'd mix two energy weapon types at most, depending on what effects I'm going for. I'm less picky about projectiles and mines, as those are weapons of opportunity anyhow. Please note that's my attitude toward science vessels and possibly certain cruiser builds... I'm rather more in agreement with the majority about escort builds.
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