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10-15-2012, 02:53 PM
My Galaxy-X was the first C-Store ship I bought when I started STO, took a while to get use to now I love it, got two toons who use it exculsively ,
Toon 1,
All phaser, quad, dhc x 2 and single cannon 4 x turrets all XI Borg.
Toon 2
Quad, tri, quantum dhc, 4 x turrets

Got the venture skin now if only there was a fleet version, don't want a saucer sep but less inertia better turn rate, mabe a redesigned saucer and neck with less volume more military looking. Don't use the cloak as I think it shouldn't be used. Doesn't seem right for the Feds.

It needs some love as there seem to be a power creep in the latest released ships and it feels like its getting left behind.