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Originally Posted by staxed85 View Post
Just an update, I purchased a few packs (7 i think) for 1.15mil total. Already made 1.4mil back (250K profit already), and it's only been about an hour...and I still have 1.2mil worth up to sell (if they sell for that much).

Certainly looks like a decent profit, if you don't mind having your exchange full of stuff (that the only hard limit I can see to this).

I want to try the box/keys...but getting keys at 1.3mil seems a bit tough right now, everything is at 1.8mil right now it seems.
Personally, I'd just as soon buy the keys with Dilithium. You can sell them for 1.3mil+, or use them to open lockboxes. The reason I'd use Dilithium is because its versatile - while you're earning it and decide to change strategies? Sure, go for it. Also, it doesn't use your Energy Credit earnings, leaving them it for other things. It is definitely slower, though.

Just don't spend real money buying Keys to open stuff with! That's a little too speculative, IMO. If you buy a key with money, buy it to sell it. If you're opening stuff up, then buy with EC, Dilithium turned Zen, or maybe Stipend Zen, since that's not an extra cost out of your pocket.

I prefer DOFFing to earn my Dilithium, since its lunch-break friendly, but there are other ways to get it, and get it faster. And, usually with DOFFs, I've got a chance to get other things, too (may or may not be important to you), so I'm working towards other goals as well.

I honestly wish they'd sell more market slots, but that's just me. As is, though, so long as you're pricing well its not a big deal. I tend to price on the lower side (I want to move inventory faster, and don't feel I need to get "top dollar" for things), so usually I can go through stuff reasonably quick.
Updated 2/11/13! Buying Zen with Energy Credits | Upgrading Duty Officers without Dilithium.
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