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10-15-2012, 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by kingdoxy View Post
Why would you want to get rid of the queues?

You want to go back to the days of "LFG INFECTED GROUND LAST BOSS ROOM" spammed across the chat window?
And preytell, how is that any different than right now with the STF queues? Isn't that how people find groups for the Elite STFs? Or people on DS9 and ESD LFGs to do STFs (even in Normal queues).

New Queues, there really isn't anykind of socialzing. And practically the only conversation is regarding the STF itself or it going into insults where people are called "n00b" or other degrading comments.

Whereas the older STFs, people actually got to know one another (which friendships still remaining strong today).

If I had to choose, I pick old STFs over the new one, I'll lick the old STFs anyday of the week.

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