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10-15-2012, 05:30 PM
I do most pvp KDF side where it is almost always a KDF pug stomping a Fed pug, and in a few games the lone Fed that would stand out and put up a serious fight (although still losing) and get most damage and kills on his team was a Fed eng in an escort. In pug on pug where everything is pretty chaotic you can't rely so much on teamwork and heals, you have to be a good individual fighter and these players were able to dish out enough damage to get kills on their own while not dying so much.

Premade Fed vs Fed matches doesn't interest me so not really sure but I suspect what earlier posters said to be true, tac or sci escorts would be better in those settings.

I think the good eng escort player I ran into a few times was Diazen or Daizen or something like that, but not many else out there.