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OP, I have one thing to say. You say that there is no reason why the Chimera shouldn't have a battle-cloak right? My only response is that there is also no reason why the Chimera should have a battle-cloak. Tit for tat. You say no reason why not, I say no reason why yes.

Feds don't use cloaks. It's kind of a given thing. Again, in the ENTIRE Star Trek series, ALL of them, there have only been 4 ships that used cloaking devices.

U.S.S Enterprise (stolen romulan cloaking device hot-wired in my Scotty)
U.S.S Pegasus (I think it was the pegasus that had the phased cloak, I could be wrong, if I am please correct me)
U.S.S Enterprise D (alternate future)
U.S.S Defiant (on loan, NOT GIVEN from RSE)

That's 4 ships. Now let's see... how many klingon ships are seen in the entire series using cloaking devices... Try every single klingon ship ever made? Not including the klingon ships from the "Enterprise" series. The cloakers there were the romulans and suliban. But EVERY single klingon ship from TOS, TNG, DS9 could cloak (ok a few from TOS didn't cloak, but I believe despite their foolish decision not to use it, they were still cloak capable).

So I say again, why should the Chimera be able to cloak? You are correct, there is no REAL reason why not (other than what I just listed above, but let's just say what I said above is meaningless, because apparently logic and reason are ignore here), but there is also no reason why it should.
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