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10-15-2012, 06:10 PM
I have a new one. It was an ISE. So here we are, a nice 5 man team, 4 KDF and me, the lone fed. So we absolutely SLAUGHTER the starting patrols, and I mean dead in under a minute. So I am thinking "Oh good, high dps team, we're good to go." We demolish the left side in under 2 minutes, and then kill off the nanites and spheres also under 2 minutes. We then take out the left side, same thing. Here is where the fun starts.

So I see on team chat: "ok guys, remember the plan, split up and kill em both at the same time."

My brain literally stops when I see that. Then I start laughing, because these 4 idiot klingons (I guess in the defense of the klingons, two of these guys were orion males (WHY?????) and there was a gorn and klingon male) then split up. And start attacking both the gate and tac cube. I decide to pity them and help, but with the focused fire of the cube and gateway (which the two were focusing fire, kinda scary tbh) they just melted these 4 (which were flying a mix of raptors and bcs) and then started on me. I was in my tac oddy with saucer still attached, so I was on full defensive. I start just tanking both of them healing like a madman etc, praying that these 4 klinks would grow a brain and attack only one, but guuuess what... repeat. I try to keep aggro, but holding aggro from both... not happening. Sufficed to say, these 4 die a good 4 or 5 times before they finally call me a stupid fed noob for not following the plan, and then leave.

Um... why? Hell if I know. So I just proceeded to solo the tac cube AWAY from the gate, and then after healing up kill the gate. Takes about 20 minutes (beam arrays are not known for their damage output lol). But seriously??? SPLIT UP??? Wtf were these guys smoking? Or was their blood wine a little older then they thought??? Sufficed to say, I got a good laugh out of it. And the icing on the cake was I got a Proto Shield tech from it too
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