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Originally Posted by kaeaja View Post
Really the only reason I made this thread was to point out the fact that the Peghqu has a battle cloak instead of a normal cloak. The Battle Cloak has been the thing of the Bird of Preys in this game for a long time. It just seems wrong to create a ship thats has way more survivability then a BoP and on top of that give it a Battle Cloak.

Also to those who might not know. The Treaty of Algeron, which prevented the Federation from researching or or developing their own Cloaking Technology to begin with, is no longer in effect due to the destruction of Romulus and the reformation of the Romulan Empire under Empress Sela. The Federation fielded two ships with cloaking technology, the Galaxy-class Dreadnought as seen in "All Good Things" and a retrofit of the Defiant-class. So now in Star Trek Online there is nothing stopping the Federation from creating more ships with a Cloaking Device. Don't believe me? Read the Apocrypha section of this link to Memory Alpha.

There is absolutely no reason why the Chimera shouldnt have a Cloaking Device (Normal or Battle Cloak) just like the Peghqu now that the Treaty of Algeron isnt in effect anymore.
ALl good things, alternate time line, sorry wrongo again. Truthfully in cannon, all kdf is battle cloak since they can cloak in battle if you want to play the cannon game. The defiant only was supposed to cloak if a romulan was on board, not only that the federation doesnt beleive in hiding. So sowry.