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10-15-2012, 07:20 PM
Hi, I'm a Critz member and I'd like to confirm through owning all these that they are overpowered.

Naldoran is right on target. To a pve'er, or someone who just uses these casually in pvp they are may not seem terribly OP. But even in a mostly heal setup in my Wells ship I have put escorts from almost full shields to 1% hull. That's in a suboptimal build and not coordinating. And I'm a sci capt in a wells. Imagine if I jumped in the mobi or was a tac?

With a coordinated team build even with only 1 set on 1 ship I could probably get 3 or 4 kills every time these abilities are up. And the abilities have no counter and are unresistable. This is the problem.

Give me a team with 2 or three sets? LOLZ. We don't do it because it's unbalanced and we don't need it. But that hardly means we are unaware of it or don't know it's potential. Anytime something like this is brought up on the forums we run the risk of seeing it everywhere in the next few days but have no other way to get Bort's attention. Hopefully Bort can see and fix this soon?.

Kudos to Naldoran and the Pandas for bringing the issue up for a balance pass.