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Originally Posted by dan512 View Post
Just lol at this thread, oh no something we have to pay for iike crazy may be over powered, lets nerf nerf nerf. Nerfing is what ruins the game, such a joke some of you are, just deal with it. Oh no som eone may have somehing better than what you own, its a game, not everyone is entitled to the same damn thing, its nice to have something different than the usual decloak alpha, and ****.

Tell ya what lets just get rid of all player abilities all together, and bo's, and fly around just shooting, then it would be fair right?
Nerfing an Iwin button is not ruining the game. It's fixing something that in its present form can be viably exploited to ruin the game. I've blown probably 300+M on items I know will be nerfed (multiple tholian ground sets, and now this set just to test). Do you think I care that I've "wasted" ec for a better game experience? No. I personally blew 65M this morning just to test that set. Cry me a river.

The set is absolutely cheesy in terms of the fact that even after the SNB is cleared, your timers are still effected by the field, and in conjunction with the movement debuffs and power recharge penalty, in anything but an omega'd escort you are put in a situation of: Evasive over 5km away, with huge movement penalties on you, while the origin player of the field has huge movement buffs. Please tell me how a heal setup oddy/recluse will get away from this without having to basically Talon Jones across the map, leaving their team without a healer. And this is just how cheese it can be using it on a healing ship, these tactics can be modified to whatever your basically locking down every 90~ seconds and this is also ignoring the fact that you can SNB faster than anyone else is capable of.

I do not feel the movement debuffs are game breaking at all, they are actually a nice disable. When used in conjunction with the set bonus, at the expense of 1 console slot, you can literally lock someone down and semi subnuke them, both of which are unclearable. When used intelligently, this is a disgustingly unbalanced set. In my mind everything in a game which includes PvP needs an intelligently designed hard counter system. A 100% sucks for you Iwin button does more for ruining game experience than letting people run around thinking "I paid for it I should be better."