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10-15-2012, 08:08 PM
Just discovered this thread. The moral of this story is Karma does wait to get you

I'd been swapping between my Klingon and my fed to do STF's in a rolling block all night, lots of good teams (Cure for example with 7 minutes left on the optional). Then Karma decides I've had enough fun. I was in my fed, flying my brand new Chimera. Its lucky I was, and he was a tactical

So I hope into one STF (I forget its name, but its the one with the time portal). There's two of us in escorts, and three crusiers.

After 10 minutes and me holding a gate on my own, and asking the others to do stuff like either stop a probe or go help the otehr escort. The other escort whom seemed comptent decides he's had enough and bails

So there's me, and 4 rainbow warrior crsuiers.

We did actaully manage the mission... it just took an hour and a half, of cosntant clicking of powers and concetrating on the game. When the drednought appeared she came after me, and me alone.
I was utterly burnt out on STF's for the rest of the night.