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It's a hybrid cruiser/escort. It is also a LTS ship. As I have said before, you pay 300 dollars for this ship. It's also a 9 console ship instead of 10. Both of those are reason enough to give it a better cloak. PLUS it's supposed to be a top of the line ship. AND it's KDF. NOT STARFLEET. There are only 3 fed ships in canon that had a cloaking device. The U.S.S Defiant, the U.S.S Enterprise (alternate reality/future reality version), and Admiral Janeway's shuttle from "End Game".

Yet virtually every klingon ship you ever encounter post 22nd century has cloaking capability. So of course this one should be able to cloak. That being the case, it should have the best and the baddest stuff out there. And the battle cloak is significantly better than a regular cloak dontcha think? That is also a reason why the FEDERATION ship doesn't have cloak. That being said, have I answered your question yet?
actually you forgot USS Enterprise NCC 1701 and 1701D, each had a cloak in a single episode.
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