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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Ok, we have screenshots here and they show different prefire figures, however it doesn't explain the on-hit damage. Although consoles don't explain it either as I've just done the maths as follows:

Boost from 1 console: 170.3524

Console boost on retrofit: 26.2*3 = 78.6
Damage on retrofit (no consoles): 650.2

650.2*1.786 = 1161.2572

So expected damage prefire (with consoles) = 1161.2572
Actual damage prefire (with consoles) = 840.5
Difference: 320.7572

Console boost on Standard: 26.2*2 = 52.4
Damage on standard (no consoles): 650.2

650.2*1.524 = 990.9048

So expected damage prefire (with consoles) = 990.9048
Actual damage prefire (with consoles) = 788.6
Difference: 202.3048

So while the prefire damage increases for that 1 console I still find a hole in their maths. You can calculate it in percentages (as I have shown here) or in plain numbers (as I also have) and you should come out with the same results.

So either I'm wrong, after doing all my calculations 3 times in windows calculator, or the game maths is wrong, or there is a hidden variable
Your equipping the borg console (+5 weapons power) at the same time which will obviously mess up the math. I really should have looked at those sooner.