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06-25-2009, 05:54 PM
Originally Posted by knightofhyrule730 View Post
well, at least there can't be an interview that sucked more than this one.

I understand the desire to want to help market the game to the disabled, but honestly, don't make interviews public to the rest of us. if someone with disabilities watches that site and sees your interview, great! i hope they will try out STO and enjoy it as much as I will. however, when its posted on the main page as a major interview, it just doesn't sit well with me.
I find this post to be rather offensive to be honest. if you had read the text in the STO page of the announcement you would have realized that this was an interview that would be geared towards those with disabilities ( which incidentally, I have, my disabilities don't hamper my ability to play video games but they do hinder me in other ways.) And let me tell you, it is always frustrating to see something you want to try and then have to wonder in the back of your mind, "BUT CAN I ?" So to see you going out of your way, to post about how you are upset that you were not the target audience for an interview, that could put numerous people with hearing and visual disabilities at ease is rather, well a number of terms come to mind but the least offensive one I can think of would be pig headed.

as a trekkie If I was deaf or color blind I know that this interview would be a huge sigh of relief. and so I commend Rekhan for posting this as a major interview.