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I want a purple quality Gorn Tactical bridge officer for my Klingon faction character but the passive abilities seem to be off. All of them showing up in the exchange have Basic, Standard x2, and Superior passives, the qualities of a blue boff. (Yes I was searching for very rare. Made sure of that.)

Are Gorn boffs suppose to be like that?

A very rare (purple) quality bridge officer is suppose to have 2x standard, 2x superior passive abilities.

Edit: Searching for Rare (blue) quality gorn in the exchange they have the proper types of passives for that quality - 1 basic, 2 standard and 1 superior. So why do the Very Rare (purple) quality have the same?

Edit 2: Looking at the Gorn bridge officer my character started with as 1 of the first boffs I received, he appears to have 4 standard passive traits. Looking at the wiki link I posted, none of the rarities have 4 standard. I'm guessing Gorn boffs are different.

Edit 3: Sorry. It seems Gorn of all rarity have Basic Reptilian strength, with the exception of the gorn I started with that has what seems to be a standard instead of basic, Reptilian Strength.

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