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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
2xHE is fine, besides the heal it clears many debuffs/conditions and provides a small resistance buff.

You don't run HE for the heals, you run it for the cleanse effect. Plasma fires, Borg shield neutralizers.
2x HE is not a bad choice.
In fact I use this version on ships with only two sci slots (Assault Cruiser, Vor'cha).

Though ... on any ship that has three or more sci slots, I'd rather go for 2xTSS + 1xHE, for the simple reason that TSS cycling aids with all shield tanking, which you'll be using far more, and with EPtS+TSS and 6+ ranks in Power Insulators you can pretty much ignore the shield neutralizers, taking away one of the reason to actually take HE.

2xTSS+HE is more reliable than 1xTSS+2xHE.
2xHE is more reliable than 1xTSS+1xHE though.
Running totally without HE is nothing I'd recommend.
Assuming of course you're permenantly cycling Aux2SIF for actual healing.