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Apparently it's just my ship...or maybe it's rear mounted torpedo launchers on this ship...or maybe just the ones from this Breen mission? I just ran the mission again where the Breen Trans Cluster Torpedo comes from to get the Tricobalt torpedo launcher and this is doing THE EXACT SAME THING....WTF? I'm gonna have to try swapping my front and rear torpedo launchers and see if it's some bug because a destructible one is mounted in the rear of my BoP or what. This is just really weird.

Ok after further testing I think I understand the problem better. FROM THIS SHIP, My Hegh'Ta, <perhaps others also> If a DESTRUCTABLE TORPEDO WEAPON is REAR MOUNTED AND SET TO AUTOFIRE, This causes the projectile from this weapon to malfunction due to some unknown game bug at this time. Even rear mounted on manual fire the Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo seems to fail aprox 50% of the time. No launch whatsoever, not launched and immidiately destroyed, simply failed to launch altogether.

This is what I found using a few different torpedo launchers, with destructible warheads, both front and rear mounted on this ship. Does not seem to matter if the torpedo launchers have non destructible <i.e. targetable> warheads, and it's unknown if this affects mine launchers also as I do not currently have one to try and simply wanted to post more details about this in here as the failure of these torpedo launchers to work correctly aprox 80% of the time under these circumstances is plenty enough to warrant some programming review. Also I have no idea why this condition does not occur on my Fed Star Cruiser, but i'm fairly certain from the # of people reporting this that it's probably not JUST the Hegh'Ta BoP.

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