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There are maps of the optimal routes, and with some practice you can do this mission two or three times during the event, for a grand total of a little over a million EC for an hour's worth of work. Not too shabby.
First, isn't the 50K EC per faction block only that much for level 50 characters? Just investigating...

But more importantly...


There's no reason in the game to do that, when a couple of tricks can be used by your Federation toon to earn at least 2 Million EC. Four complete tours only yields 1.4 million.

Option One: Four Faction Transwarp Method
Before starting, get a purple (Very Rare) quality Astrometrics DOff. It reduces Transwarp cooldown
to 4 minutes. (Note: the following Galactic North/South relative to map up/down descriptors). Also obtain either Diplomatic Immunity OR Raiding Party buff right before starting first tour.

To start, from inside the Club at ESD, leave the station and the system as normal.
From Sol System, travel to edge of Beta Ursae Block.

Warp to Beta Ursae and change instances. That puts you in Cardassia Sector of BU, just South of Orellius Block.

Enter Orellius Block and traverse Deferi sector to northeast corner, cross just over the Raveh line.

Warp to Eta Eridani Block and change instances. That puts you in Donatu Sector, near Drozana Station.

Head to northeast corner of Donatu Sector where border of Archanis Sector meets Regulus block, staying just left of the corner. Warp to Regulus Block upon entering Archanis Sector.

On entering Regulus Block, head due west and warp to Sirius Block.

On entering Sirius Block, Risa Sector, take hard right and head into Gamma Orionis Gate.

Complete Gamma Orionis Block and enter Pelia Sector. Transwarp to ESD

Entire circuit should take less than four minutes. With both DI and RP, takes less than three. This should net you 200,000 EC per trip, and even if you only complete ten circuits (due to lag), that's 2 Million EC.

Option Two: Incomplete Mission Transwarp Method

Before starting, as above except ignore the Purple Astrometrics Doff and get both DI and RP if possible. Acquire the following missions using your Journal: Stranded in Space, Badlands, The Doomsday Device. Make sure you start with at least 18000 EC.

To start, from inside the Club, select "Badlands" from your active missions list and Transwarp for the cost of 18000 EC. This puts you instantly in Beta Ursae Block, Cardassia Sector, almost immediately next to the border with Orellius Block.
Complete the Orellius Block as normal.
On entering Eta Eridani Block, change instances to arrive right next to Drozana Station, and head due East toward Archanis Sector Border.

On entering Archanis Sector, select "The Doomsday Device" from your active missions list and Transwarp for the cost of 100 EC. This puts you instantly in Sirius Block, Risa Sector, not far from the Gamma Orionis Gateway. Head toward it and complete Gamma Orionis Block and Pelia Sector as normal.

On entering Pelia Block, select "Stranded in Space" from your active missions list and transwarp for the cost of 100 EC. This puts you not far from Sol Sector.

With both DI and RP, this should take less than three minutes, and net you 181,800 EC per trip, and if you complete fifteen circuits, that nets you more than 2.7 Million EC.

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