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10-15-2012, 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by dan512 View Post
Just lol at this thread, oh no something we have to pay for iike crazy may be over powered, lets nerf nerf nerf. Nerfing is what ruins the game, such a joke some of you are, just deal with it. Oh no som eone may have somehing better than what you own, its a game, not everyone is entitled to the same damn thing, its nice to have something different than the usual decloak alpha, and ****.

Tell ya what lets just get rid of all player abilities all together, and bo's, and fly around just shooting, then it would be fair right?
I don't think you understand those of us that are saying the set bonus is OP and needs to be dialed down or have a counter added... already OWN The set. It is funny... and no its not different then the decloak alpha... I was around back when I could decloak my bop and kill pretty much all but the best engi cruisers in under 5 seconds.... Cryptic has added so much healing that isn't an option anymore.... But luckily they have given me away to simply cloak you from the game for 7 seconds... have fun when you decloak and realize 4 of my tric mines have already zeroed in on your hull. LOL

The cool down decree needs to be toned down or removed... and the freeze you for 7 seconds... needs to have a proper counter added.