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10-16-2012, 12:54 AM
It was a few weeks back, me in my star cruiser doing KASE. The first cube went down a little slower than expected, but hey, it's not a big deal. Me and an escort went to the right and the other 3 went to the left. I positioned myself for a probe duty (meanwhile taking care of the cube above the transformer which was next to me) and the other guy (in the escort) went on the far side to take care of the cube and the transformer. As mentioned, I destroyed the cube and started working on the transformer (while still wiping the probes) and after a while I noticed, that the far side cube is wandering into the middle of the map (and the escort guy "puf"-ing time after time). I guess for some reason his weapon power was at 50 or something like that, so I went out of my way and helped him kill the cube. Finally, the two of us brought down the transformers and the gate and went to help the other 3 (I've no idea what they've been doing, but the gate was still up). After a good 50 minutes, we got to fight Donatra. After 10 more minutes, seeing that she was at 97% health and shields at max, I decided that I had enough - I told the others that I'm fed-up and I'm leaving the map. And so I did.
Something more recent - last night at CSE, there was something that really annoyed me - a klink in a carrier standing right above the Kang and being next to useless - couldn't kill even two BOPs. I had to do the guarding for him, but other than that, everything went as planned though we didn't make the optional.

On the side note, there are really awesome PuGs - a team of four in KASE, 3 german guys and me. All the transformers and gates went down in 12 minutes flat. Of course, not with my star cruiser, but with my FAE.

And please, be nice and answer in the chat when being asked a question - it's very helpful to know what the person next to you is thinking of doing.

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