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10-16-2012, 02:10 AM
Originally Posted by notapwefan View Post
Don't go near gate. Park at somewhere between 7.6 -8Km far away and attack on it with full power.
Keep pressing attack patterns and brace for impact for extra hull buff, and to feel safe. Placebo you know.

I use purple Mk xii wtih [acc]x2 dual heavy cannons with tactical team, attack pattern alpha and go down fighting so I can do some decent damage even from this far away. Then a big plasma torpedo III buffed by 2 KHG pieces and attack patten omega makes the residents of the gates cry.
well, I find it hard to go closer than 9km to a gate. ofc your approach vector does count, but I always stay on the safeside, and try to keep away more than 9km.

however if the gate targeted you, the 9km distance wont help. just came from a game, where the gate oneshotted me (according to my combatlog with a 47k shot, so it wasnt even that much... lol) at range 9,8km, because I wondered into the "danger zone" coming out of evasive manouvers :S

and the problem is, that the gates shoot invisible plasma torpedos, so it is just me, sitting there, and randomly blowing up. (at least with donatra there is a 50% chance, that the torpedo salvos will be visible, with the gates I have never ever seen a torpedo)