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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
You don't understand, Cryptic with all these queued events is turning STO from an MMO into an Instant Action.

With the Old STFs, people got to know one another and socialize. But with the new events, the only socializing I ever see is people calling eacher idiots and newbs. Then factor in that people will only do these events during bonus hours.

So really, its a bad thing than a good thing in the long run. Especially when queues dry up and there is nobody to do them with.
Quite a few MMO's have used queues and i find them totally superior to standing around in the right spot shouting out 'looking for team' or 1 more for infected'.

if you cant find person to do them from the whole server then you probably wont find them from a single zone. if you want to socialise and find 4 other nice people then the option to create a team first and then go in to a private instance is still there and still has the added advantage of being able to be in any zone to begin with using the right chat channels.

with the game being more fleet friendly the option to find like minded people is even greater than before.

the advantage of queues is miles ahead of what is was.

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