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What O.P.A is about?
Were a small group of friends who formed a competitive fleet to help each other get better at the game. We specialize at building strong builds that are amazing at PVP so you can get most out of PVP and STF's.(Communication has always been apart of this fleet)

Things we do.
  • STF's(All elites)
  • PVP(Constantly)
  • Communicate with Mics-
  • teach players the game
  • hold events for fleet, winter events infleet and a summer event.
  • starbases, all limited projets done
  • Provide updates about game when new info is out.

Contacts: for inv's and chatting only

Please remember to post here and in game though mail, we will get back with you within 12 hrs. thanks and have a great day.

|| Open Door Policy ||
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Fleet Leader