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10-16-2012, 05:17 AM
Gate attacking:

Stay at 9.99km to a high side and the gate will not be able to target you at all. This is a known exploit

As for countering the torpedo... no counter. It does damage about 2 seconds before the graphic impacts you, so pre-emptively activating TSS2, EPTS, TT and Brace for Impact is mandatory for surviving an attack run. If you see the beam weapon from the Borg target you, activate defenses immediately. Do not wait to see the torpedo which will be inevitably coming your way invisibly.

I usually deliberately do threat control by running up to point blank and bombing the heck out of it with TCMs for hundreds of thousands of damage points. Due to the stacked resists plus evasive maneuvers I usually take little damage. Fast enough that the tractor beam can't even lock on successfully.

If you're used to PvP already, ESTFs are nothing lol. Seriously, you can tank in an escort or sci ship. Just don't stay still and let yourself be hit multiple times without resistances up.

Unless you're a big honking carrier or cruiser tank with insane amounts of shield tanking then your job is drawing fire and surviving everything lol.

Seriously. the only annoyance I have in STFs are the Negh'vars on Cure Elite (but even those can be taken out easily from the flanks). Anything else is easy to kill.
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