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10-16-2012, 04:18 AM
Originally Posted by rudiefix1 View Post
Thats why the borg shield is the best choice af you run always >100 power. Even the Omega has very high regen.
Ya on most cruisers I would say borg or omega is idea... on an escort its more a matter of taste I think... the extra 10% dmg reduction on the maco is nice... and you can count on another 2-4% of dmg reduction from the power bump from the maco when your under fire. Not to mention that you will most likely have a lower cap bonus and most escorts only really have room for 1-2 Field gens... so something like the borg could easily end up with only 7k in shields per facing... That is workable however it leaves less of a gap in reaction time.
Pros and Cons I guess... maco is a nice balance of regen and cap I think for an escort... for cruisers and sci ships... ya I think omega or borg is the best fit myself. They can easily both get pushed well over 10k cap wise on those ships, at that point being able to goose 4k in regen every 6 seconds is pretty sweet.