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Ya on most cruisers I would say borg or omega is idea... on an escort its more a matter of taste I think... the extra 10% dmg reduction on the maco is nice... and you can count on another 2-4% of dmg reduction from the power bump from the maco when your under fire. Not to mention that you will most likely have a lower cap bonus and most escorts only really have room for 1-2 Field gens... so something like the borg could easily end up with only 7k in shields per facing... That is workable however it leaves less of a gap in reaction time.
Pros and Cons I guess... maco is a nice balance of regen and cap I think for an escort... for cruisers and sci ships... ya I think omega or borg is the best fit myself. They can easily both get pushed well over 10k cap wise on those ships, at that point being able to goose 4k in regen every 6 seconds is pretty sweet.
I'll be honest, since the MACO has been released, personally every other shield in game on Fed side has become irrelevant. Its got the best of all worlds. Even looking at the advanced fleet shilds the MACO has the edge.

Very recently i ran borg for a week on various ships. On all i could definately feel the "weakness" compared to the MACO. Yes it has the highest regen, but if tyou have the resistance, you dont have to regen as much so back to MACO.

My only hope is that the elite fleet shields become a good alternative, not a must have like the MACO is.

From a healer point of view, i notice the difference. I have to prioritise the team mates running none MACO a lot more.

As an escort, i have to use my tac teams a hell of a lot more to move shilds to facings due to lack of resistances. However, in a premade match i do feel covariant cap 3's have a place if you trust your healers enough.

As a sci there is a possibility of using high regen shields, again i personally needed a tac team on my build due to lack of shield resistance.

What Husanak says about natural regen, i totally agree with. People for some reason heavily underestimate how good that can actually be, not forgetting to mention the higher resistance which scales with higher shield power with the added resistance of epts.

And for some reason, he who shall not be mentioned, seems to have a crusade against epts. Correct me if i'm wrong, but didnt he say it was useless at one point? Why the sudden change?
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