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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
BO recharges far faster than that. Again where tasling PVE. Sure in PVP you can pull stuff liek that, but in PVE it has to be sustainable. Hiting a batery every time is not.

Ohh i'll easilly beat that, largely becuase a torp/DBB does not do anywhere near that amonunt of damage. before you try posting made up numbers check they are actually resonable.

Even a Plasma Torp with THY3 is only doing 4x Base damage, even with doubled crit magnitude and no target DR you would still need a torp doing 5K base. Guess what. It can't. DBB's are the same, BO 1 is a 4 times multipler. a 75K crit would need a base damage of aro8nd 9K, even a 10K crit needs a base damage of about 1.25K (possibble at least.

Lets look at some more realistic numbers, (ignoring acc bonus crit magnitude as it varies so much):

These numbers are taken from my all energy build KDF escort with MKX Plasma Beams/DHC and MK X Photon Torpedo

DHC base 1300.6 damage (867.1DPS)
DBB Bo1 Base 5865.6 damage (968.2 damage, (770.2DPS) in ordinary firing mode).
Photon Torpedo THY3 damage of 2524.1 * 4 (10096.4 total), base DPS is 523.1DPS, (3.4K per shot).

Crit chance and crit magnitude is equal so the only considerations are the effects of wepons power.
First and foremost a continual 2X crit multplier is possibble but highly unlikly. But even in that case your looking at a max crit of 20K for torps, 11.5K for beams with abilities.

Obviouslly if you go for more damaging MKXII or Fleet weapons it will go up a bit, but not to the numbers you claim. Nowhere near.
Go away...your numbers are bogus because if your weapons are hitting for that missed a day in class!

DHCs - unbuffed 1963.6 damage (1309.1 DPS) buffed 4076 (2600 DPS)

DC - Same as above

Dual beam bank - unbuffed 1366.8 damage (1093.4 DPS). Buffed 14463 damage (9642 DPS)

torpedo unbuffed 4905.3 (577.1dps) buffed - 5099 x 4

Turret unbuffed 507.8 (677.1 DPS) buffed - 1041 (1429.8 DPS)

Next time before getting a tiff about something you know little about...take a look at the streaming numbers above your target as you are shooting them. You might see some numbers that wouldn't make sense to you by your logic.

Good luck with that!

Edit: The other intangible that you are forgetting is the use of attack pattern beta to debuff the targets I am shooting at.

Have a good one

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