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10-16-2012, 07:00 AM
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Ghosty, this build sounds like fun! Haven't played my Sci toon in over a year but I'm looking forward to it now. A few questions: Phaser or Plasma for Tac Consoles? What about the other consoles? Use the Ablative I assume? Is this build good for STFs, I heard the Borg have some resistance to plasma. I hope that's wrong. Many thanks!
Ambiplasma Envelopes are the way to go there. Yeah use the ablative. 2 Field Gens, 2 Graviton Generators, eng consoles I would go ablative armor and borg. and an ablative hull armor console.

Originally Posted by sonulinu2 View Post
Ghosty, Do you have a suggested build for the Atrox Carrier for those who can't, as of yet, get the Tholian ship?
I got a couple in my Cruiser thread As the Atrox is really more of a healers ship I put it in that thread for simplicity while the Aggressive carriers went over here.