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10-16-2012, 07:09 AM
Ultimately depends on your view of "offense" and build.

I usually shoot for 3's across the board with a few "key" omissions (Starship Threat, Starship Stealth, attack patterns). This usually leaves me with enough points to hit 6 in 3-4 skills per level.

Being that 2 of these 6s go into science skills, that leaves only 1-2 other skills for me to put the 6s on...

So, being that I believe that survival with meager DPS is ultimately greater than spike then death, I put a lot of my 6s into "survival" skills like hull, shield performance, the various power levels, etc. and toss leftovers into accuracy and bonus critting...

However, if the BOff layout supports it, I can definitely see much value from going 6s in most tactical and Science skills and 3's in the engineering category.
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...