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10-16-2012, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We ran into some technical limitations that would've made it a prohibitive task to perform this change. It's not completely impossible, and not completely off the list of possibilities as far as bridge officer power changes, but not likely to happen over any sort of short-term time frame.

Instead, if it is determined that they need an increase in effectiveness to go along with their higher-rank seating requirements, that's a balance review we can perform more easily.

Would it be possible, as a part of this fix, to allow players to slot a lower tier power into a higher rank slot?

The idea would be that people like pottsey5g could keep there builds without needing to rearrange powers.

Example (of the idea):

BFAW 1 is an Ensign level skill. You would be able to slot BFAW 1 into any Ensign, Lt, Ltc or CMD slot.

BFAW 3 is a Ltc level skill. You would be able to slot BFAW 3 into any Ltc or Cmd level slot.

Player A has 1 CMD tactical Boff station on his Chimera Destroyer.

His Ltc Uni station is occupied by Sci.

Player A has the following tac powers.

TT 1 > TS 2 > HYT 3 > Dispersal Beta 3

Suddenly the developers move DPB down from Cmd to Ltc rank, and all other mine powers shift down 1.

In this event, Player A does not need to change anything, as their build is still compliant.

Player B likes Player A's build, but wants to do things a little differently.

TT 1 > TS 2 > Dispersal Beta 3 > Attack pattern Beta 3

Player B's build is also compliant.