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10-16-2012, 08:08 AM
I have both the Fleet K'tinga and Fleet Tor'kaht, on separate characters and I can say I vouch for both of their effectiveness:

The Fleet K'tinga may not have the Tac Boffs of the Tor'kaht, but it is impressive in its ability to do damage with DHC's and DBB's. My Engineer is commanding it and although he doesn't have an Escorts Damage abilities, it can certainly do more damage than most Cruiser while take hits like a champ. Though sometimes I have my off days

The Fleet Tor'kaht is on my Tac Captain and I am having fun with him. As it is basically a super heavy Escort, I can lay down impressive firepower and have a pretty good ability to take hits. I got compliments from who I consider great Escort pilots for the impressive fights we had.