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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
With the amount of misinformation being generated by certain individuals when it comes to pvp, i thought i'd create points of reference for other veterans & necomers to pvp.

Hopefully, this list will grow to include other specialist / specific topics.

I am also open to suggestions for this post.

Here are the list of people who defined pvp related things for me and helpped me improve.


These guys are the best in game at healer/suppression dps combinations. Although lately, the engi has been "nerfed" so to speak, i'm sure they'll be back. If they give you advice, be sure to listen.
Bieber can be reached via the "sad Panda Cubs" channel for help and advice.
Era, not seen him in game properly for a few weeks.

Jedi Master Yoda

MT is pretty much a 1 man wrecking crew. If there is anything you want to know about optimal dps, he's your man. Again, he can be reached via "Sad Panda Cubs" channel for help.
Jedi is one of the best dualers in game. He is very good at adapting quickly to the opponent.
Aythani hasn't been spotted for a while now sadly

Sad Pandas
Mai Kai

Even before i was a Panda, i remember being sci'd to death in seconds. Remember the grav wells? I know i did. Again the Pandas can be reached via "Sad Panda Cubs"
Linty sadly doesnt play as much anymore.
Mai Kai can be reached in game if you spot him about

Torpedo knowledge:
For me without doubt, it has to be Husanak. He got me using torpedos. Before him, i thought they were useless in game and only had use in RPing.

Log Parsing specialists:
Hilbert - Need i say more?

Fail PVP builds master:

................ You can fill in the blank

Best Runner/quickest log in the game - Talon Jones

Remember guys, this is my personal opinion, nothing more. Also, there are numerous people in game who i bounce ideas off who i have not mentioned. I have only mentioned those who i believe defined / re-invented that particular aspect of the game.

With the relevant permission, i will update this thread with proper contact details.
There ya go i Added a category for ya.

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