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10-16-2012, 10:16 AM
I'd never fly a rainbow- or skittleboat myself, simply because it looks dumb, but I still think people are making too much of a fuss about it. The amount of damage a well-built skittle/rainbowboat loses when being compared to a single-energy-type ship is almost negligable, especially when mounting it in ships which only have 2 tac console slots. It's what? A mere 4% damage reduction when comparing the equally expensive blue Mk.XI phaser relay vs. a purple Mk.XII manifold? You'll probably lose more damage due to lag...

Things like lag, players being afk, not knowing the encounter, horrible boff setups and choices, using abilities at the wrong time or using wrong abilities in the first place (e.g. boarding parties against a borg node), energy distribution mismanagement, bad weapon setup, pointless deaths, lack of communication, wrong doffs or no doffs at all, bad builds etc... have more influence on the outcome of an STF than using photon consoles instead or warhead yoield chambers...

I'd also bet that if we were to inspect the builds and setups of the people crying about rainbow boats, we'd probably find flaws in 95% of them that would outweigh the use of rainbow beams.