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10-16-2012, 10:21 AM
The only time I really have a problem with getting spawncamped is when the campers are using plasma, tractor beams, or P2W stuff like graviton pulse, etc. Otherwise, I can usually scramble out of the area quickly enough to avoid getting killed. And I PvP in a hit-and-run Hegh'ta build. Maybe I'm just lucky. . .

That being said, having the Feds respawn after restart on their own side would be great. Heck, I'd like it if the restart were there, but didn't involve everyone warping out and back in (make it like N'Vak, which doesn't do the warping thing).

First and foremost, though, I feel there needs to be more incentive to play in PvP zones like that. By my count, there are exactly 3 space PvP-oriented missions that can be done (on the KDF side, at least). . .all dailies. Kill Federation ships, kill KDF ships, and get killed by other player ships. There are 2-3 other missions for ground PvP, and 1-2 NPC missions that can be done in Ker'rat, as well as the 'complete the mission three times' quest.

I can do the 'kill Federation ships' one really quickly, as it only requires 8 Federation ships, and if I worked in N'vak more I could do the kill KDF one quickly as well. The getting killed one is just boring, and the NPC ones aren't required to be done in Ker'rat.

More missions, interesting missions, would lead to more people being involved in PvP. Make it LUCRATIVE, and the numbers will swell.