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10-16-2012, 11:59 AM
Played the mission. i did enjoy it even though we did kind of fail badly lol. someone bailed on us early so it was a 4 man team for most of it.

the first bit we only saved 3 romulan ships. would have been 4 but we went into the nebula and everyone's shields drop making the romulan ships exposed and easily destroyable even with heals. the nebula was the trickiest bit as you cant go to full impulse and you lose sight of whats happening. that makes it very challenging and disorientating.

the second part they constructed the full web, although im not sure my team was attacking the right ones, but seemed a decent challenge that people will get to different levels of completion on.

we go a cut scene of obisek's extreme option. the animation was only half done as the thalaron cascade was just a pixelated sphere.

the final fight was tough as we again only had 4 people and pretty much no escorts so we did not do enough damage to even start on the optionals, although in hindsight we should have started with them first and gone back to the main group.

does seem more suited to escorts considering the time restraints, but then again so do many missions. a little more time for the first stage would be helpful.

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