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10-16-2012, 11:03 AM
Fleet Torkaht is manuverable enough to use DHC in pvp many people do this.

The highest dps cruiser of all is being left out though, the tactical bortasqu. I know many people hate its turn rate, but in pve it is easy enough to keep DHC on targets so its much stronger there with 5 tac consoles, and in pvp single cannons used on it are still really strong when buffed by 5 tac consoles. It has much stronger alpha strike capability in pvp using the disruptor auto cannon, when fully buffed by a tac captain and 5 disruptor consoles, a decloaking alpha is almost always instant death unless the target RSP in time. For me it is just as easy to put 180 degree cannons on targets in pvp using Bortasqu as it is putting 45 degree cannons on target with Torkaht. Bortasqu is much tankier too. I have both but use the Bortasqu much more lately, it is a very underated ship but should not be overlooked.

To turn the Bortasqu effectivley things like maxing impulse thrusters and engine performance skills, running at least 50 power to engines, evasive manuver doff, and APO1 are needed though.