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06-26-2009, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by knightofhyrule730 View Post
well, at least there can't be an interview that sucked more than this one.

I understand the desire to want to help market the game to the disabled, but honestly, dont make interviews public to the rest of us. if someone with disabilities watches that site and sees your interview, great! i hope they will try out STO and enjoy it as much as I will. however, when its posted on the main page as a major interview, it just doesnt sit well with me.
So you would rather go on living life with the disabled shuffled into the background where you can't see them? Think back through history about all the accomplishments of disabled persons and how those things affect your daily life. Think too of the men and women that have become disabled in service to their communities or nations, who have directly or indirectly impacted your life, or that of your loved ones. Since the '60s there have been movements all around the world to enrich the lives of the disabled, through accessibility to education, jobs, arts, entertainment, transportation, in general the same opportunities non-disabled persons take for granted everyday. No, this interview announcement is right where it belongs, and I applaud the devs for taking the time to speak with and answering, even vaguely, their questions.