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06-26-2009, 08:54 AM
I am not disabled, but I frequently play my games without sound (audio driver problems or need to be quiet (college lecture)) or with a bad keyboard or without a mouse (touchpad), etc., so any UI options that help the disabled will probably end up helping other people in side ways... give me 5 mouse button options, not 3, please. I was able to play Heretic without a keyboard because of my 5-button mouse which I love... haha. Mouselook/move, scroll wheel for weapon change, press wheel for inventory cycle, left to shoot, right to activate items, left back to run, and right back to open doors.
(Why? I was drinking tea, OK?)

It's nice to know that even if something in life ****s you up, you can still play certain games.

I'm sure this will get STO SOME publicity. I still don't know what audience Cryptic is aiming at, though.

I greet you. I've never heard of your website before. I believe you may get a bit more coverage now from MMO people.