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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post just want a don't give a frak about canon or anything else. rationalizations to try and convince yourself and others that it should happen. when everything about the federation, the current politics, everything says it should not. you don't 'boldly go' when cloaked >.> that's called sneaking.
Firstly, who the heck do you think you are telling me that i dont give a frak about canon? You dont know me so dont you judge me. Secondly you can still boldly go when your just exploring and not in the middle of combat, but when combat starts dont you think it would be a good idea to use a cloak to help save yourself from an enemy that might be much stronger then you? Thirdly I DO GIVE A FRAK about canon, im usually the one saying that Cryptic and PWE should fix Transphasic and Chroniton torpedos so they are not as gimped as they are, and dont sit there and tell me that there is nothing wrong with Transphasics and Chronitons when they have been made the weakest torpedos in the game with Quantums being the strongest in damage, which we all know to be completely against Canon, cause if stuff was being done by canon lore, Chronitons and Transphasics would both be a MUCH bigger danger then Quantums. DO NOT mistake what I am trying to say as a blatant disregard for canon cause its not.

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I feel I must point out, nothing that is logical, makes sense, and is against the Chimera getting a battlecloak will even be read/understood/even counted for anything by OP it seems.

And OP has as of yet to answer my question.

Why should the Chimera get a battle-cloak? Or even the ability to cloak period?

(cuz let's face it, he's sorta right, with the way cryptic has thrown canon out the window, there is no reason why the Chimera SHOULDN'T get the battle-cloak. But OP has as of yet to give a good reason why it SHOULD. Tit for tat my friend. As meimetoo stated, laws of physics state that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. And for all intents and purposes, I am being a major countering force to his argument. =P)
First i do read stuff that is said about the idea of a cloak on the Chimera, just that i have a differing opinion.

now then on to answering you.

Why should the Chimera have a Cloak? Simple, your enemy is using a cloak, and when your not peacefully and boldly exploring the galaxy, you want to be very well defended, and a cloak is a VERY great defensive tool. Notice how the Defiant and Dreadnaught (Galaxy X) cannot cloak when in the middle of combat? Its more of a defensive cloak then it is a combat cloak. So if we all think about this for a moment, I am not disregarding any canon as im all for canonical accuracy like with my above statement of Chronitons and Transphasic torps being stronger then all other torps. I am simply trying to say that a defensive cloak like the ones the Defiant and Dreadnaught use, would not be harming the peaceful nature of the Federation. Now if it were a battle cloak, one you could use whenever you wanted to give yourself a sneaky, Alpha Strike up your enemies aft section then yeah that would be completely different. Simply put a normal cloak isnt as dangerous or sneaky as a Battle Cloak so I honestly do not see what sort of Morality breaker having a Cloak on a Federation ship would be, when they only use it for defensive purposes.

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