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Originally Posted by amayakitsune View Post
Check it when it's available before you call it "junky", please.

Originally Posted by rjcfoxtrot View Post
Are we going to have to pay for this particualar service, or will it be free? Are there plans to expand this into more practical applications (DOff Management being probably the most requested)?

Having a site available to look at your STO character(s) is cool and all, especially if there's API stuff going on, I'm just not seeing the draw for it right now. Why do I need to check on the status of my captain, BOffs, or starship? If I'm not at my computer, none of those entities are doing anything that needs me to check on their status. Their status will be exactly as I left them last time I played STO.

I hope this gets expanded upon to include some more functional stuff. A full blown Foundry Authoring tool, while highly unlikely, would be awesome to have access to from a tablet. Dilithium Mining mini-game that contributes to your selected character's dilithium total would be an excellent thing to implement as an app. Or that Starbase Construction mini-game that was being discussed not so long ago regarding speeding along the construction of your Fleet Starbase.
It's free and the access is the same for all players, whether Gold or Silver. For the rest of the points you bring up, check out my posts on page 2.


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