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defiant was only supposed to use cloak in gamma quadrant but they did bend the rules and yes the feds used cloaaking tech remember the cloaked holo ship from insurrection . since the main romulean empire collapsed the feds should be researching cloaking and anti cloaking tech since they aare now facing a cloaking enemy in the kdf.
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Thaaaaank you.
The federation did, in secret, against existing treaties that got them in trouble with the Romulans and the KDF, hence why cloaking in the federation and its not being used widespread is covered in the Path to 2409.

Anti-cloaking technology only exists in STO for the feds.

If you are to bring "what we should do" as if the IP is reality and the factions there-in need to act accordingly, as good war driven governments would, then the KDF would have already rolled through Star Fleet by now as the threat it is to the Empire rather than try to solve the Undine issue first and only skirmish with Star fleet in the manner the game shows.

Cloaking would not only be a ship ability, as the use for cloaking on torpedoes and other weapons is too logical a course to take in a war.
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