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10-16-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by tasila View Post
Hi i dont like rainbow plaYers in stfs.

Plz try Torpedos Front/Aft.

Use 1 DMG Type Like Tetryon/Polaron/Plasma/Phaser/Disruptor
U also can mix them with Hybridweapons for ur Type.

Dont use Beam Weapons Enhance Tactical Consoles they just enhance ur Beam Weapons on a lower Arc.

Use Tactical Consoles of ur DMG Type.
Bsp Tetryon/Dual Phased Tetryon = Tetryon Pulse Generator MK **.
Try Torpdedo enhance Consoles like Quantum or Photon.

Especaly give 120% not just 50!

I had 4 of ur People today in an STF Elite.

This shouldnt be a flame threat.

Its just the bad experiences i made today witch makes me Cry-.-.

One way to avoid this situation all together is to join a good fleet. My motto regarding STF?s is simply..

"If the my fleet ain?t showing I ain?t going!"

Private, fleet based STF?s are the only STF?s I will every do.